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From Seattle WA, Los Angeles-based Singer/Songwriter Michelle Limanni is a soulful artist with major Jazz, RnB, Soul, and Pop influences.

Limanni began writing songs around age 7, and has always loved the process of musical creativity and expression. In her formative years, the artist grew up singing in elementary school, middle school, high school, and university choirs as well as performing with her local theatre company. These groups gave her a wide range of genre exposure and grew her diverse love of music exponentially as she discovered her unique songwriting voice. After graduating with a Music Business degree in 2018 from Northwest University in Kirkland WA, Limanni packed all that she owned into her car and drove to Los Angeles to complete an internship at world-renowned  EastWest Studios. That internship provided Limanni with the experiences and opportunities necessary to expand her vocal skill as both an independent artist and a session singer for various TV shows and artist projects. 

Limanni's latest release, "Living in My Mind"  contains a few of the many songs that she wrote during a few years of intense financial struggle, personal struggle, incredible uncertainty, and overall life-change while training as a session vocalist and adjusting to life in a new city. As her debut EP, "Living in My Mind" explores a new season of hope and triumph that is beginning to emerge within the artist through her struggles with trust, mental health, hope, and love.

Check out her music here, or see when she performs next.


Alix is one of Michelle's best friends since childhood. She was diagnosed with Leukemia when they were both 17, and Michelle wrote a song for her because it was the only thing she knew she could contribute to Alix's healing process. Thanks to the success of Alix's Song, thousands of dollars have been donated to the hospital that helped Alix become cancer-free: Seattle Children's Hospital. Thank you for listening!!

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